The “Youth VideoMuseums partnership: recording traces of our subjective culture” is a 2010-2012 Comenius–Regio program that aims to create and develop a partnership between two European regions, Eastern Attica, Greece and Frankfurt, Germany, via educational procedures which will lead to the production and exchange of audiovisual messages and the creation of “VideoMuseums”.

In this context, students from secondary schools of both regions (Greece and Germany) are invited to explore, choose, record and present, in the form of short videos, “items” they believe should be preserved from their natural, man-made or social environment and that express students’ own view of their personal and collective culture.

Such audiovisual messages, referred as “VideoMuseums”, are meant to be exchanged initially between schools of the partnership and later among different EC members (via internet, conferences, festival, networks, etc.) in order to facilitate awareness, understanding and knowledge of the different cultures participating in the European community.