About the Project

The programme aims to create and develop a partnership between two European regions, EASTERN ATTICA, GREECE and FRANKFURT, Germany, via educational procedures which lead to the production and exchange of audiovisual messages and the creation of ”video museums “.

In these audiovisual messages and “video museums” students from secondary schools in cooperation with local partners (local associations, municipalities, etc) will present their collective views of their own community-region and of the community of the other region in the partnership.

Such audiovisual messages of the relevant communities, referred as “video museums “, are meant to be exchanged initially between schools of the partnership and later among different EC members (via internet, conferences, festival, networks etc.) in order to facilitate awareness, understanding and knowledge of the different cultures participating in the European community.

Themes to be explored would be items for preservation expressing students’ own view of their personal and collective culture.

The project invites young participants to choose, record and present “items” (Video-Exhibits) they believe should be preserved from their natural, man-made or social environment.