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Videomuseums – recording traces of our subjective culture.

Audiovisual Education for young people

This is a book of the Videomuseums Project & Partnership 2010-2012. The project was realised as a Comenius-Regio programme (2010-2012) by the Directorate of Secondary Education of Eastern Attica in Greece and the Directorate of eo of Frankfurt in Germany with the collaboration of the Karpos – Centre for Education and Intercultural Communication, the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network, the School Theatre Studio in Frankfurt and the Media Project Centre – Open Channels – MOK Offenbach/Frankfurt.


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Videomuseums – recording traces of our subjective culture. Audiovisual Education for young people

Edited by Nikos Govas

Published by Directorate of Secondary Education of Eastern Attica, Greece, Athens June 2012

ISBN 978-960-86680-6-5

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Cover page

Book’s ID and Contents

Preface by Nikos Govas

Part A: Videomuseums: the project & the partnership

Youth Videomuseums of a community: the background of a project
Menis Theodoridis

Videomuseums 2010-2012: a partnership between two European educational regions
Nikos Govas


The filmmakers’ view on the Videomuseums project

Students’ documentaristic glances through the Videomuseums project
Maria Leonida

A filmmaker in the classroom
George Didimiotis

Training teachers in the Videomuseums project: analysing film for teachers, educationalists and their students
Sabine Westerhoff-Schroer

From process to product – working with media on subjective cultures of the Youth
Sabine Westerhoff-Schroer, Annika Lorz


The teachers’ perspective on the creation of the Videomuseums

Exploring the frame of our lives
Evangelia Georgaki, Mary Kaldi, Evangelia Kyrmizaki

Recording traces of reality
Mary Kaldi

Searching for identity
Effie Laskary, Jenny Stavrianou


Evaluation aspects of the Videomuseums project 2010-2012

An attempt to evaluate the Videomuseums project in Eastern Attica, Greece
Eleni Kritikou, Menis Theodoridis, Irene Dimaki

Institutional structures and moving projects. Thoughts on the sustainable outcomes of the Videomuseums Project in Frankfurt, Germany
Joachim Reiss


Part B. Issues on Audiovisual Education

Audiovisual Education – pathways & dead-ends: Audiovisual Expression Curriculum
Menis Theodoridis

Social media and media education during initial teacher training
Evangelia Kourti

Digital video production and learner identity
John Potter

School of images: theatre and new media
Matthias Warstat

Transiting between medial and real worlds
Karl-A.S. Meyer

4.48 Psychosis
Thomas Bürger, Lotta Auerswald